1. Holy Fallout

From the recording Holy Fallout


Out of great need, we are holding hands and climbing.
Not loving is letting go.

Listen, the terrain around here is far too dangerous
for any of us to be letting go.

We are often in a battle, so often defending every side.
Surely one who’s lasted as long as you knows an avenue or place to hide.

Sit down, my dear.
Take a few deep breaths.
Think about a loyal friend.
Have you reached them yet?
Where is your music?
Where is your pet?
Could you brush your hair?

If you cannot slay your panic then say, “So be it!” deep within.
Now pick up your life again and let whatever’s out there come charging in.
And if you still feel helpless give out one more battle cry.
There could be a holy fallout.
You’re voice is so eloquent.